Royal Academy of Arts - Mavericks Exhibition

Status:      Completed  

Location:   London

Client:      The Royal Academy of Arts

In 2016 we were commissioned by The Royal Academy of Arts to design their ‘Mavericks’ exhibition, displaying the work of twelve maverick architects over history. The concept used for the display was a simple timeline spanning 500 years, setting these nonconformist and original designers in context, to enable visitors to contemplate on the impact of their work. The display stretched from the western exhibition room across to the eastern exhibition room. 

The timeline was created from a series of dot constellations of various sizes that were plotted to a specific timeframe. This exhibition design emerged from our analysis of the existing holes in the wall of the eastern room created from previous exhibitions. We carefully mapped these holes to re-use them thereby minimising damage to the wall and creating a palimpsest of earlier displays. The result was a fluid timeline reflecting on the ingenuity of the architects being honoured.