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University of East London

Sir Robert McAlpine, British Land Competition




1FA Welfare

+ Project Brief

The University of East London gave five students from the school the opportunity to pay off almost a full year of tuition by winning a competition organised by Scott-Whitby Studio and Sir Robert McAlpine.

They were given the task of reimagining the building welfare. They designed and built a welfare centre for over 400 site operatives on British Land and GIC’s Broadgate campus near Liverpool Street - the first live project to be completed in the redevelopment of Broadgate.

A vast amount of material with short lifetimes is used for office interiors. With this in mind, the team proposed saving existing materials, destined for landfill, from a building scheduled for demolition, giving these materials a second life in a space for operatives to eat, sleep, change and shower. The students were given only two weeks to catalogue and save the material being taken out of Peter Foggo’s 1 Finsbury Avenue, which was in the midst of a significant strip out.

One of the designs involved transforming discarded fire doors, of which there were nearly 300, into a door-wall, standing 3.8m tall, which can be put up in 1.8m segments. The off-cuts create a patchwork design which not only bolts the wall together but also creates a feeling of warmth and intrigue in the welfare centre, a space that usually ends up overlooked in site planning.

The intentions of the project were to shine a light on, respect, and celebrate the workers that build the cities we live in.

+ Project Members

Tutors: Jeff Tidmarsh, Ed Tidmarsh, Alex Scott-Whitby, Osman Marfo-Gyasi.

Student Participants: Kirk Slackland, Darlyn Norlay, John-Francis Benidicto, Robin Phillpot, Nuno Lopez

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